I Don’t Even Know

Clearly this must be the work of some evil genius. Or maybe someone trying to put some sort of curse on me?  I found this when I was leaving to take the dog for a walk last night.  W….T….F is going on near my front porch?  Is that an egg?  Half of some kind of rabbit/squirrel?  And where is the other half?  Why is it so cleanly severed with no blood or guts hanging out? Where did the egg come from and why is it not hard or broken?  Is it a duck egg? It’s pretty large in comparison to the bottom half of that animal.  Did a snake throw up half its meal for the week in my yard?  So many questions I don’t even know.  The only thing I DO know is that it’s covered in a TON of ants and the egg doesn’t seem to interest them.

I know the picture isn’t very clear, but I was a little weirded out.  And maybe there were smudges on the lens of my camera phone.  All I know is that I wasn’t going to go back to get a clearer picture.  Sorry…Not sorry. Also, I think it’s still there this morning. wtf