Super Mom

Screenshot_2017-09-13-06-45-22-1This morning, while she was making her lunch, I helped my daughter look for her popped rice crisps…That I stress ate during the storm.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I ate the remaining half the bag as I was sitting in the front room watching the water come further and further up the drive way.  You see, not only do I have a penchant for anything ranch or sour cream and onion flavored, well, it was just a super stressful time!  I didn’t think she’d understand.  So I played dumb and helped her “look”.  That’s just the right thing to do, no?

Hurricane Harvey Has me Hunkered Down

Well, now it’s just a waiting game. Harvey made landfall away from Houston. However, his reach is very long. I’m sitting here watching the water (picture from my front living room) slowly recede inch by inch praying it will be enough before the next band of rain hits. I’ve stress eaten what was probably a half of a box of cereal, and washed it down with some wine.

I needed new floors, but I would prefer it not be this way. We still have a ways to go before this all plays itself out, and I’m a huge ball of stress. Clenched jaw, tight chest and all. I can only imagine what those who were hit hardest by the hurricane are going through. Keeping all in my thoughts and prayers, especially emergency respondents who are away from their families.