Rebuilding Houston Fundraising Opportunity – Advocare Purchases

It’s during these times we realize what’s “critical” in life.  As many people have learned this past week, it’s not about the THINGS we own.  So many I know lost all of their THINGS, houses and all.  But with all of the hurt and devastation surrounding South Texas, I am amazed at how ALL of the communities have come together and given their time and resources, including those that have lost everything.  Literally, all of the shelters have said they cannot take anymore supplies or volunteers.  They have all the items and helpers they need.  UNHEARD OF.  It makes me proud to be a Texan.  #HoustonStrong #RebuildHouston


And while I mentioned that I don’t often donate cash, many of the shelters and relief organizations are saying that they can’t take anymore donated items, but that they need monetary donations.  So, for any Advocare orders that are made I will donate 20% of the order price to the relief charity/organization of your choice (Organization will be vetted/verified to establish authenticity).  Just respond to the follow up email inquiring about your organization of choice.

HarveyHowever, when this is over you won’t find me posting on Instagram or Twitter about how “it makes me feel good” to give back.  To me, if you feel the need to post about it then you’re doing it wrong.  Giving back to the community and helping those in need isn’t about YOU at all.  Much of the time I spend volunteering never gets mentioned, because it’s not about validating myself.  In this time of disaster, the southern states have shown the world what it looks like to be a kind, decent and humane society, let’s carry that forward and hope that mentality permeates the rest of the country.


Nobody In Houston Knows What Day It Is

I won’t lie, it’s hard to watch the world continue on as if nothing is happening here in Houston. Seeing posts on Facebook of people going to parties, vacationing, eating out, etc. makes me want to punch someone in the throat. It’s not their fault, I realize this. But nonetheless, it’s difficult to swallow. And while neither myself nor my family sustained any damage at all, tears well up each time I look at Facebook and see my friends cleaning up their houses and hauling furniture out to the curb to try and get ready for what will be a never ending cycle of contractors and insurance dealings.

So, while nobody here in Houston really even knows what day it is because the last 7 days have all been a blur, we continue to rally for those in need. We continue to try and find ways to help and give of ourselves what we don’t really even have to give. Because we have to. Because we want to make this city great again. Harvey gives a whole new meaning to the old phrase “Don’t mess with Texas”.

#HoustonStrong #HarveyRelief #RebuildHouston #Continue

Hurricane Harvey Has me Hunkered Down

Well, now it’s just a waiting game. Harvey made landfall away from Houston. However, his reach is very long. I’m sitting here watching the water (picture from my front living room) slowly recede inch by inch praying it will be enough before the next band of rain hits. I’ve stress eaten what was probably a half of a box of cereal, and washed it down with some wine.

I needed new floors, but I would prefer it not be this way. We still have a ways to go before this all plays itself out, and I’m a huge ball of stress. Clenched jaw, tight chest and all. I can only imagine what those who were hit hardest by the hurricane are going through. Keeping all in my thoughts and prayers, especially emergency respondents who are away from their families.