Does it make me a horrible person that I don’t really care one way or the other that the Houston Astros won the world series?  I think many of my friends just need simmer down a bit.  Also, I keep seeing world series, world champs, etc. etc…this may be a dumb question, but to my knowledge this wasn’t an international competition in which the  teams played other countries.  Why are we using the term “world” when this is a national event/competition?  I could google it…but…again…I don’t really care.  lol.


Don’t Poke the Bear…or Me

ghost-156969_640As far as dreams go, last night’s was pretty tame compared to my usual nightmares.  It was pretty weird actually.  There was this tall and dark intruder who wheeled a suitcase around and was in the apartment I lived in at 14 when we first moved to Texas while waiting for our house to be built.  But he didn’t hold a gun or a knife to me.  HE FREAKING POKED MY UPPER SIDE/REAR RIB CAGE.  And it shook me awake because I HATE being tickled.  Apparently I hate it so bad that I have nightmares about it.  Enough to wake me up more than once throughout the night feeling as if someone had poked the backside of my rib cage to tickle me.  Totally bizarre.  People who do that to me in real life tend to get the knee-jerk reaction of a back hand to wherever my fist lands.  I guess being ticklish is something I never outgrew.  Maybe because I didn’t have cruel older brothers that pinned me town and tickled me until I was immune to it.  For that I’m thankful. But, for today I’ll just spend the rest of the day looking over my shoulder to make sure nobody is going to come up behind me and poke me.

I Don’t Even Know

Clearly this must be the work of some evil genius. Or maybe someone trying to put some sort of curse on me?  I found this when I was leaving to take the dog for a walk last night.  W….T….F is going on near my front porch?  Is that an egg?  Half of some kind of rabbit/squirrel?  And where is the other half?  Why is it so cleanly severed with no blood or guts hanging out? Where did the egg come from and why is it not hard or broken?  Is it a duck egg? It’s pretty large in comparison to the bottom half of that animal.  Did a snake throw up half its meal for the week in my yard?  So many questions I don’t even know.  The only thing I DO know is that it’s covered in a TON of ants and the egg doesn’t seem to interest them.

I know the picture isn’t very clear, but I was a little weirded out.  And maybe there were smudges on the lens of my camera phone.  All I know is that I wasn’t going to go back to get a clearer picture.  Sorry…Not sorry. Also, I think it’s still there this morning. wtf

What Ifs

I tend to live my life by “what ifs”, I won’t deny that.  I try to be a very logical and methodical in my approach to life decisions and how to live.  If I do this…then that will happen…Most of the time it works pretty well for me.  However, sometimes I miss out on some pretty major experiences/opportunities because my “what ifs” never actually come to fruition.  And I’m not referring to my non-existent love life.


Speaking of non-existent love lives…I came across this song last week…I’m not one to get all caught up in love songs, but I can’t get enough of this song and Kane Brown’s sound.  In my head I was picturing more of a Trace Adkins kind of guy, but young Mr. Brown looks NOTHING like how his voice comes across.  This song is pretty catchy nonetheless, even if it is a love song.


IMG_3749 (2)One college visit down and 500 billion more to go.  The girl likens the process to an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress”, where she believes that when she visits the college that’s a perfect match she’ll immediately know and be struck with overwhelming excitement.  Me, I’m a little more practical about it, having been through the process a time or two.  I’m there to pick the best college/university that achieves the desired outcome in the most efficient manner at the most affordable price, given that we figured out early on that she’s not athletic enough to earn a volleyball scholarship to anywhere she would want to play at.  As usual, my practicality happens to conflict with her visions in every way possible.  All that being said, we had a lovely visit to Austin and really enjoyed the campus tour.  They offer a program that will get her on the path to where she needs to end up, so it’s an option,


IMG_3759 (2)

On a different note, the “report card” my dog gets when she’s done boarding always says she has a fun time and is super sweet and loves to play with the other dogs.  This helps ease a bit of the guilt for leaving her there…but I swear it always seems like she wants to off herself every time we pick her up.  She has no personality and acts
IMG_3753 (2)
like it was the most exhausting thing she’sever been through.   It’s hard to capture the exact look that makes it appear that if the dog had wrists she would slit them, but here is one after she perked up a bit.  It was also a nice surprise to come back and see that my tomato plants not only survived Harvey, barely, but might actually produce a few tomatoes!

So That Just Happened

losemymindSo, I pretty much failed at yesterday.  There are two routes/locations for the park and ride bus that I take to work.  One of them is brand new and I just started riding last week.  Which one I take depends on what I have to do after work and which direction I will be heading in, so there’s no real consistency to what days I’m taking which bus.  When the new route started I joked that it would be funny if it happened.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that yesterday I finally did it…I GOT ON THE WRONG BUS.  I took one bus to work, but got on the other one to go home.

Do you know what it feels like, as a grown freaking woman, to have to call your mother to come pick you up from one park and ride lot to take you to another park and ride lot where your car is actually parked?!?!?!?  Probably not.  Because…WHO DOES THAT?!?  And this is why I said yesterday that I need more sleep.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one that does these kinds of things.  Surely not.  Anybody?  Anybody else at all?!?

This Week’s Random Thoughts

Since I’ve been completely in a funk the last week and not motivated to really do anything, here’s just a crumb of what’s been going on in my head.

  1. CSI Miami is being taken off of Netflix, and for some strange reason I feel like I have to binge watch before it’s gone.  Everything in my head is now being said in that David Caruso voice with the dramatic pause, that’s in EVERY SINGLE LINE HE HAS.  I don’t know who wrote his lines, but some of them make me want to stab my eyes with chopsticks.
  2.  My dog is sad and moping around now that we’re not home every day like we were during Harvey, which makes no sense since it’s not any different from before the storm.  And by the way, since when does a dog poop TWICE in one walk?!?!
  3. Years ago when I was trying to explain the dog’s micro-chip, I told my daughter that she had a GPS tracking chip in her so that I would know where she was if somebody kidnapped her.  She believed  me until a couple of years ago when she found the GPS app that I had hidden on her phone and figured out that the app is how I always knew where she was when she wasn’t with me.
  4. T1288These Iced Lemon Cake and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough meal replacement shakes from Advocare are like crack.  It’s takes all the willpower in the world for me not to have one WITH EVERY MEAL.  It’s like dessert.  Seriously.  Typically I use meal replacement shakes when I’m in a bind and don’t have time to pack a lunch/breakfast or haven’t gone to the grocery store.  I started finding reasons to have these instead!  I think I have my addiction under control.  But I’m still not giving these things up completely!  They’re so easy and convenient, and I can throw my superfoods greens powder in them and not really notice the taste.  If you want a discount so you can try, message me and we can work something out.  You won’t be sorry.
  5. I’m pretty much ready to retire and just be done working.  Only 17 more years to go!

Super Mom

Screenshot_2017-09-13-06-45-22-1This morning, while she was making her lunch, I helped my daughter look for her popped rice crisps…That I stress ate during the storm.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I ate the remaining half the bag as I was sitting in the front room watching the water come further and further up the drive way.  You see, not only do I have a penchant for anything ranch or sour cream and onion flavored, well, it was just a super stressful time!  I didn’t think she’d understand.  So I played dumb and helped her “look”.  That’s just the right thing to do, no?

A Day of Remembrance

candles-2628473_640The last few days have been so incredibly busy.  I barely had time to breathe, yet I still felt a heaviness on my heart yesterday.  I sent up a little prayer for the fallen heroes and their families every chance I got.  At the same time praying for all the family and family of friends in the middle of Irma.

In a sense, I feel a little bit of “survivor’s guilt”.  Having come out of Harvey completely untouched while I look around and see so much destruction and loss.  Not only here but in Florida and the Caribbean as well.  My life has returned to normal like nothing ever happened.  I know I’m not the only one that feels this way, others have mentioned this to me as well.

For some reason I feel like these last few days have issued a call to service.  A call to give back to the community and help all those who have lost so much and who haven’t been as blessed and fortunate as I have been. And while I always know that’s what I should be doing, I let life get in the way.  For some reason I can’t help but feel that is one call that I shouldn’t disobey.