Lunch Packs For Hungry Children

So apparently nobody else does anything stupid.  Or at least nothing anybody wanted to share.  I pretty much figured I was alone on that one.  My daughter found it hilarious.

LunchpacksSpeaking of the girl…It’s so hard to teach someone who wants for no necessity how important it is to give back.  When you’re never exposed to poverty, it’s hard to understand the concept that there are little children in our own city living in families that can’t even send them to pre-school with a lunch.  So, with the help of Projects Helping Houston, her “homeroom” class decided for their service project that they would pack lunches and I would take them to Kids Meals Houston to deliver them to children who needed them.

Projects Helping Houston would like to do this again, but on a larger scale! So this morning a GoFundMe campaign was launched in an effort to raise more funds! Please consider sharing and/or donating so that we can play a part in helping to feed these hungry children.


Rebuilding Houston Fundraising Opportunity – Advocare Purchases

It’s during these times we realize what’s “critical” in life.  As many people have learned this past week, it’s not about the THINGS we own.  So many I know lost all of their THINGS, houses and all.  But with all of the hurt and devastation surrounding South Texas, I am amazed at how ALL of the communities have come together and given their time and resources, including those that have lost everything.  Literally, all of the shelters have said they cannot take anymore supplies or volunteers.  They have all the items and helpers they need.  UNHEARD OF.  It makes me proud to be a Texan.  #HoustonStrong #RebuildHouston


And while I mentioned that I don’t often donate cash, many of the shelters and relief organizations are saying that they can’t take anymore donated items, but that they need monetary donations.  So, for any Advocare orders that are made I will donate 20% of the order price to the relief charity/organization of your choice (Organization will be vetted/verified to establish authenticity).  Just respond to the follow up email inquiring about your organization of choice.

HarveyHowever, when this is over you won’t find me posting on Instagram or Twitter about how “it makes me feel good” to give back.  To me, if you feel the need to post about it then you’re doing it wrong.  Giving back to the community and helping those in need isn’t about YOU at all.  Much of the time I spend volunteering never gets mentioned, because it’s not about validating myself.  In this time of disaster, the southern states have shown the world what it looks like to be a kind, decent and humane society, let’s carry that forward and hope that mentality permeates the rest of the country.


Hurricane Harvey Heroes: Helping Houston in This Time of Need

I can’t even put into words what it’s like to live in the south.  While, as a city, we are #HoustonStrong and Houston will rebuild, to see volunteer groups from the surrounding states band together and bring in so much help is truly an indescribable feeling.

The number of organizations that have risked their safety to help others who are in greater danger is truly astounding.  I wish I could get out and help, but I’m surrounded by water.  We have food and supplies and our water and electricity are still on, but all of the roads surrounding us are under water.  Harvey2There will be major efforts in the coming days to help all of those displaced by the floods.  But please, before you donate cash or money, please do your research and make sure that you’re dealing with a reputable charity/non-profit.  While it sickens me to say this, there will still be people who are looking to unethically and/or illegally profit from this great tragedy.

At Projects Helping Houston we make it a general practice to ask for donated supplies rather than money as a way to help put people at ease about giving.  So many non-profits are able to use only a small portion of cash proceeds to their cause because administrative costs are so high.  I like to know that 100% of the money that I’m giving will be used for my intended purpose.  If I donate supplies rather than cash, there is a greater chance that what I’ve given will be used by somebody in need.  Here are some things you check before you give that might help put your mind at ease:

  1.  Do you or anybody you know have past experiences with this organization?
  2. What are they asking for?  Are they only asking for monetary donations or are they also stating a need for necessities such as hygiene products, food, prepared meals, blankets, etc.
  3. Do they have a website and/or other social media presence?
  4. Do they have an EIN?
  5. Are they working with other non-profits?
  6. Do they have a mailing address and phone number?

Keep in mind, that just because you can’t find the name of the charity that you’re looking into registered with the IRS or the State Comptroller, there may be legitimate reasons.  For example, Projects Helping Houston (PHH) is not registered with the Texas State Comptroller under Projects Helping Houston but as PHH Outreach Organization, Inc. and has a DBA in Galveston County as Projects Helping Houston.  This is due to the strict naming requirements set forth by the state (the first two words cannot be the same as any other corporation registered).

Currently Projects Helping Houston is doing a campaign for travel supplies, mentioned here, which started as an end of summer donation drive.  It appears that there an even greater need for it now.  As soon as we can get to a donation spot that has access to showers for people, we will drop these supplies off and continue to collect anything we can.

Some major shout-outs to the following organizations who have gone above and beyond in this time of tragedy:

Continue to stay safe Houston.  #PrayersforHouston

Feed the Furbabies

20170124_175247I would love to be involved in this one again.  Through the help of some of their high school volunteers, Projects Helping Houston was able to donated over 120 pounds of dog food to a local animal shelter!  Volunteering to help animals and give them a good home is something I support to incredibly because animals don’t have a voice of their own and are not at fault for the situation that’s been bestowed upon them.  Show me any animal that lost their house or car because they wouldn’t get a job to pay the bills or snorted their way through the rent and grocery money.

You can always check out their latest projects here .I try to stay as up-to-date with them as possible.


I wish I could do more. If i could quit my job and voluteer full time I would. But my mortgage company might obeject slightly. I struggle to find the time and money to give back in a way that I feel actually makes an impact. I always feel like it’s never enough. So sometimes I just don’t do anything at all.


Knowing that wasn’t the answer, I created a non-profit in hopes that I could find more ways to give back. Not in huge ways, but in a lot of little ways. They say that every little bit helps, and I have to believe that’s true.

If you get a chance go check it out at the website. Maybe now that I’m back blogging I will be better about updating all of our current and latest projects.

Projects Helping Houston (PHH)