About Me

Just a small town girl…living in a lonely world…

I’m not sure this could get any farther from the truth? I’ve lived in two of the largest cities in the country for my entire life. Is it any wonder that it seems like I’m exposed to a never ending source of stressors and distractors? Throw in a teenage daughter on top of that and you have a world that is almost utterly chaos. Organized chaos of course. But chaos, nonetheless.

As an Accounting/IT professional by day and Advocare Independent Consultant by night (actually just the spare couple of minutes I have) I’m not actually sure I’ll have anything worthwhile or interesting to contribute to the world through this little portal I call my own. But regardless, this is where I find myself! So hey, if nothing else you can go browse my Advocare Store and check out some of the amazing products or find a way to give to an awesome Houston non-profit organization.

I’m a beach girl through and through, so you may see a TON of beach/water/ocean images. Sorry….Not sorry… It’s where I find tranquility.