Water – Just Drink More

Benefits_of_WaterWhen someone asks what they can do to change their diet or start living a healthier lifestyle my first response is to DRINK MORE WATER!  This is by far the easiest change you can make that will have both immediate and long lasting effects.  I cannot express enough how important water is to your body.  Here are just some of the improvements you will see when you start increasing your water intake:

1 –  Assists with weight loss – Water is a natural appetite suppressant.  Drinking water will give you that “full” feeling and help eliminate the desire to snack.

2 – Eliminates toxins – Drinking water helps clean your system and flush toxins from your body by boosting kidney and liver functions which remove the waste products in your blood and fluids.

3 – Helps to prevent headaches – Often times headaches are caused by dehydration.  There’s a simple fix for that!

4 – Reduces the risk of heart attacks and stroke – Water helps make your blood less thick and more fluid in turn helping to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

5 – Saves money – With restaurants charging 2-3 buck per pop in most places just think about how much money (If you go out to lunch or dinner just 5 times a week that’s more than $1,500 a year!!)

6 – Helps Digestion – Water helps to break down the foods you eat.  In addition it helps keep your intestinal track functioning more efficiently and effectively when it’s well hydrated and not dried up and contracted.

7 – Improves skin quality – Water is better for your skin than any beauty product out there!  Increase your water intake and in a few weeks your skin will have better tone, more elasticity,  and be less dry and flaky

If you find the whole idea of drinking more water a daunting take here are 6 easy ways to start increasing your water intake:

1 – Instead of ordering a tea or soft drink with your meal, stick with water.  Or, if you MUST order that drink, before you get a refill drink a glass of water.

2 – Use a water tracking app to remind you to drink.

3 – Leave a water jug at your desk or carry a water bottle with you.

4 – If you find water to be bland, flavor it with lemon or other fruits.

5 – Make it a habit to drink a glass of water after every bathroom break.

6 – Drink a glass of water when you first wake up in the morning before you do anything else.

As with all changes, making small incremental changes are much more effective and easier to sustain than making a ton of drastic changes all at once.  It took a while, but these days I pretty much exclusively drink water in my day to day routine.  I will typically drink a cup of unsweetened green tea during the day at my desk, a 1/2 glass of red wine in the evening and the rest of my fluid intake is the water that I have near me at my desk or on the kitchen counter.

There are the occasions where I sweat more than usual because my workouts are extra challenging or I spend a while outside at the track.  These occasions I turn to my Rehydrate from Advocare.  In this hot Houston heat and humidity it’s wayyyyy too easy to get dehydrated.

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