IMG_3749 (2)One college visit down and 500 billion more to go.  The girl likens the process to an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress”, where she believes that when she visits the college that’s a perfect match she’ll immediately know and be struck with overwhelming excitement.  Me, I’m a little more practical about it, having been through the process a time or two.  I’m there to pick the best college/university that achieves the desired outcome in the most efficient manner at the most affordable price, given that we figured out early on that she’s not athletic enough to earn a volleyball scholarship to anywhere she would want to play at.  As usual, my practicality happens to conflict with her visions in every way possible.  All that being said, we had a lovely visit to Austin and really enjoyed the campus tour.  They offer a program that will get her on the path to where she needs to end up, so it’s an option,


IMG_3759 (2)

On a different note, the “report card” my dog gets when she’s done boarding always says she has a fun time and is super sweet and loves to play with the other dogs.  This helps ease a bit of the guilt for leaving her there…but I swear it always seems like she wants to off herself every time we pick her up.  She has no personality and acts
IMG_3753 (2)
like it was the most exhausting thing she’sever been through.   It’s hard to capture the exact look that makes it appear that if the dog had wrists she would slit them, but here is one after she perked up a bit.  It was also a nice surprise to come back and see that my tomato plants not only survived Harvey, barely, but might actually produce a few tomatoes!

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