Lunch Packs For Hungry Children

So apparently nobody else does anything stupid.  Or at least nothing anybody wanted to share.  I pretty much figured I was alone on that one.  My daughter found it hilarious.

LunchpacksSpeaking of the girl…It’s so hard to teach someone who wants for no necessity how important it is to give back.  When you’re never exposed to poverty, it’s hard to understand the concept that there are little children in our own city living in families that can’t even send them to pre-school with a lunch.  So, with the help of Projects Helping Houston, her “homeroom” class decided for their service project that they would pack lunches and I would take them to Kids Meals Houston to deliver them to children who needed them.

Projects Helping Houston would like to do this again, but on a larger scale! So this morning a GoFundMe campaign was launched in an effort to raise more funds! Please consider sharing and/or donating so that we can play a part in helping to feed these hungry children.


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