This Week’s Random Thoughts

Since I’ve been completely in a funk the last week and not motivated to really do anything, here’s just a crumb of what’s been going on in my head.

  1. CSI Miami is being taken off of Netflix, and for some strange reason I feel like I have to binge watch before it’s gone.  Everything in my head is now being said in that David Caruso voice with the dramatic pause, that’s in EVERY SINGLE LINE HE HAS.  I don’t know who wrote his lines, but some of them make me want to stab my eyes with chopsticks.
  2.  My dog is sad and moping around now that we’re not home every day like we were during Harvey, which makes no sense since it’s not any different from before the storm.  And by the way, since when does a dog poop TWICE in one walk?!?!
  3. Years ago when I was trying to explain the dog’s micro-chip, I told my daughter that she had a GPS tracking chip in her so that I would know where she was if somebody kidnapped her.  She believed  me until a couple of years ago when she found the GPS app that I had hidden on her phone and figured out that the app is how I always knew where she was when she wasn’t with me.
  4. T1288These Iced Lemon Cake and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough meal replacement shakes from Advocare are like crack.  It’s takes all the willpower in the world for me not to have one WITH EVERY MEAL.  It’s like dessert.  Seriously.  Typically I use meal replacement shakes when I’m in a bind and don’t have time to pack a lunch/breakfast or haven’t gone to the grocery store.  I started finding reasons to have these instead!  I think I have my addiction under control.  But I’m still not giving these things up completely!  They’re so easy and convenient, and I can throw my superfoods greens powder in them and not really notice the taste.  If you want a discount so you can try, message me and we can work something out.  You won’t be sorry.
  5. I’m pretty much ready to retire and just be done working.  Only 17 more years to go!

5 thoughts on “This Week’s Random Thoughts

  1. 365daysofnew says:

    I’m relating to number 5. Haven’t started counting yet since I’m so far away from being able to, but some days it’s in the back of my mind. So instead of working, I’m reading your Guess I’d better back at it. Thanks for the relatable content.

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  2. juliehcares says:

    I didn’t know it was being taken off too! Must Watch It before it goes away!
    My dog always poops more than once on walks. Maybe it’s a small dog thing?
    Aren’t you glad Westheimer is not absolutely crazy now? That’s what I hated after Harvey!

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