Nobody In Houston Knows What Day It Is

I won’t lie, it’s hard to watch the world continue on as if nothing is happening here in Houston. Seeing posts on Facebook of people going to parties, vacationing, eating out, etc. makes me want to punch someone in the throat. It’s not their fault, I realize this. But nonetheless, it’s difficult to swallow. And while neither myself nor my family sustained any damage at all, tears well up each time I look at Facebook and see my friends cleaning up their houses and hauling furniture out to the curb to try and get ready for what will be a never ending cycle of contractors and insurance dealings.

So, while nobody here in Houston really even knows what day it is because the last 7 days have all been a blur, we continue to rally for those in need. We continue to try and find ways to help and give of ourselves what we don’t really even have to give. Because we have to. Because we want to make this city great again. Harvey gives a whole new meaning to the old phrase “Don’t mess with Texas”.

#HoustonStrong #HarveyRelief #RebuildHouston #Continue

6 thoughts on “Nobody In Houston Knows What Day It Is

  1. Journey of Roo says:

    I can relate to your feelings. Despite living in a dry area my heart reaches out to the drowned land, to the people and to the animals.. I couldn’t and still can’t swallow seeing many people in this world doing luxurious parties , spending millions or billions at buying new war weapons while our fellow people are struggling to get a ground to stand upon let alone having foods! I really don’t know how many of us thought about the disastrous days and nights people are spending in the flood affected areas in Asia!! Their disastrous flood started well before Harvey hit Texas and they are still under water! You heard about the Sierra Leone landslide? People got burried alive under muddy wave! Can ye imagine! I don’t have much courage to.. Well, I believe Harvey gave Humans a chance again to think beyond borders and to recognize humanity to serve humans, animals and nature as Humans!! Love for all.

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