My Top 5 Advocare Go-To’s

I’ve been taking Advocare products for years because they offer so much more than weight management.  Everyone can benefit from at least one of their products.  Here are some of my favorite, even when weight-loss and fitness are not my main objectives.

  1.   Rehydrate – Rehydrate is just what it sounds like.  It’s intended to rebalance your minerals and electrolytes after losing large amounts of body fluid.  Because no matter how hot it gets, I’m always walking the track at the gym.  The OUTSIDE track.  I’m sure you can imagine how much sweat is lost in this 100% humidity.
  2.   Meal Replacement Shakes – I ALWAYS have some of these on hand just in case I’m short on time or in a hurry and can’t make a proper meal.  Meal replacement shakes are a perfect alternative.
  3.   Omegaplex – Because I can’t eat fish all of the time, Omegaplex helps me take in the necessary Omega-3’s that research says is so beneficial for those with high cholesterol.
  4.   Spark – When I need a little pick me up, without all the fat and sugar of a cup of coffee, since I’m one of those that can’t drink it black.
  5.   Catalyst – Even when I’m not focused on losing weight this is what helps me put more into my workout as well as prevents some soreness.  I hate to be sore, so this is a HUGE bonus for me.

**Edited to add…If you’d like to try any of these products contact me for a special discount.  You can now shop my store here for all of the products mentioned above and more.  I’ve added links to the pages here that give more details on the product as well as a link to the Advocare store on those pages.