I Love to Cook

I’m still unsure of what defines a “foody” exactly…because don’t we all enjoy good food?! There are times though, when I think I might have an unhealthy obsession with it…and while I’ve never been terribly large, it keeps me from being my ideal healthy weight. But I don’t think this is unique to to me. I have to believe others struggle with the same problem.


Cooking is something I do, and do well. It’s something I love to receive praises for. It’s something that draws me away from all of the insanity around me, even if for only an hour. Sometimes will go to a restaurant, find something I love, and then proceed to go home and attempt to recreate it. So let me tell you, NOTHING I cook resembles anything CLOSE to healthy. Because we all know the better it tastes, the worse it is for you. I use full fat EVERYthing. There are no “diet” ingredients in my kitchen. And the results do NOT disappoint!!!

BUT…and this is a BIG ‘but’…constantly worrying about my health because of the delicious food I make…and eat… is just one more thing that adds to the chaos in my life. All the yo-yoing my weight and cholesterol does takes a tremendous toll . High cholesterol runs in my family. My mom is tiny, but her cholesterol is through the roof.

So I guess it’s time I make a more permanent change…

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